Primary Care

Our main purpose at AHVC is to provide urgent and emergency services for pets in need. However, we do strongly believe that preventative care - including things like regular health exams, vaccinations, health screenings, fecal parasite testing, dental care and cleanings, diet and home care - lead to longer, healthier lives for all pets.

Our patients will always be referred back to a primary care veterinarian, if they have one, for ongoing follow up care relating to their emergency. We also always encourage that their owners continue or begin a regular, lifelong preventative care program with their regular veterinarian.

IF you do not have a primary care veterinarian...

We are proud to be partners with Como Park Animal Hospital, our primary care hospital right here at 1014 Dale Street. Their doors are open 7 days a week, with appointments every day starting at 8am, and going into the evenings during the week and 2pm on weekends. To find out more, click here to visit their website.


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DVM & Care Team on site 24 Hours a Day. Phones Answered 24 Hours a Day.


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